Portable Tap Dance Mats and Floors

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Why Use A Portable Tap Mat or Floor?

There are lots of reasons to own a portable tap map or floor. One of the most common reasons is a lack of hard surfaces. If your home is mostly carpeted and you don't want to practice in the bathroom, a portable tap mat or tap floor might be in your future.

Even if you have hard surfaces in your home, you probably want to keep them nice. Tap shoes can scuff wooden floors and tile, so its practical to get a portable tap floor to avoid damaging your actual flooring.

Another reason you might want a portable tap floor is take it on the road. Need to brush up before the big performance? It can be difficult to pull off a proper practice session on hotel carpet, and tap dancing in the lobby might be discouraged.

Portable tap floors are a good investment. They give off a great sound, protect your existing floors and tile and travel with you as desired.

Can I Use a Marley Dance Floor for Tap

The short answer is yes, but the sound isn't nearly as satisfying as a floor purpose built for tap. Marley dance floors have a vinyl coating to improve grip, but that has a tendency to deaden the sound. Considering the affordability of many portable tap floors on the market, it's probably worthwhile to invest in a floor specifically made for tap.

Best Portable Tap Dance Mats and Floors

Portable tap mats and floors come in a range of sizes and materials. We've combed through hundreds of verified purchase reviews to pick two of the best portable tap floors. You can find our selections below along with the reasons we liked these particular floors. It's difficult to find a proper portable tap floor, because many products are plastic disguised as wood.

Stagestep Rollout Tap Mat

The Stagestep Rollout Tap Mat is a fantastic option for several reasons. First and foremost - it's actually made from wood. Lots of portable dance floors "look" like wood, but are really just plastic with a fake wood coating. This tap mat is made from solid Bamboo and rolls up for easy transport and storage. The Stagestep Rollout Tap Mat is perhaps the most portable tap floor available, and it's also one of the largest when rolled out.

Key Features
  • Rolls up for portability (very compact)
  • Made from solid Bamboo
  • Large 3.5 ft by 4 ft area when rolled out
  • Includes carrying bag with handles
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Stagestep Tap Board

The Stagestep tap board is a thick, Wood laminated tap surface with a foam shock layer on the bottom and a convenient carry handle. Because this tap board is made from actual wood, it produces fantastic sound. The only downsize is it's a bit heavy. The Stagestep tap board is a solid slab that is 4 feet by 3 feet in size. You may want to measure your trunk space if you are planning to take your practice on the road.

Key Features
  • Heavy duty and solid
  • Foam shock layer protects floors
  • Carry handle built in
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What Is the Difference Between a Tap Floor and a Normal Dance Floor

Tap floors are typically solid wood. They provide a crisp sound for tap dancers and are durable enough to withstand the abuse that tap shoes dish out. Standard dance floors are usually made from a vinyl, and are commonly referred to as a "Marley Floor". Marley style floors are generally sturdy with a slight give and superb grip. They just simply don't have the same acoustics as a wood floor when it comes to tap dancing.

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